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A. W. Tozer said:

Private prayer should be practiced by every Christian. Long periods of Bible meditation will purify our gaze and direct it; church attendance will enlarge our outlook and increase our love for others. Service and work and activity; all are good and should be engaged in by every Christian. But at the bottom of all these things, giving meaning to them, will be the inward habit of beholding God. A new set of eyes (so to speak) will develop within us enabling us to be looking at God while our outward eyes are seeing the scenes of this passing world. (Pursuit of God – Chapter 7 – The Gaze of The Soul)

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Prayer Request for Paul Rodriquez

Paul has just been diagnosed with Liver cancer and of course, he's not taking it very well.  Please pray for him and the family.  Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Request for Manual Balderrama

Please pray for Eric Balderrama Uncle Manual that has been fighting cancer. He went to Arrowhead Hospital today because he's been very sick and found out that he has double pneumonia. They put him on a respirator and he's in ICU.  Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Request for Frances Hunt

Barbara Pinnick would like us to pray for her close Christian friend in Texas, Frances Hunt. Frances is scheduled to have colon surgery on Monday. They found a large polyp during a colonoscopy that has to be removed surgically. They don't know if it's...

Prayer Request for Noah

Please pray for Noah, age two, who is going through a combination of chemo and steroid treatment for leukemia. He is receiving it now at Phoenix Children's. The whole family needs prayers for healing and hope. Thank you for prayer.

Prayer Request for Eric Trujillo

Please pray for Eric Trujillo who is fighting cancer.  This is his second bout with it, he had cancer in the lining of his stomach but beat it (around the first of the year 2018).  Now it has returned to a couple of other places. Thank you for praying for...

Prayer Request for a young man

Please pray for this young man who recently gave his heart to Jesus.  He is from a Morman family who would like him to go on a mission.  Today, he is planning on sharing with his parents that he has accepted Jesus as his Savior and that he will not be able...

Prayer Request for Les

Please be in prayer for Les who just received word that he has colon cancer.  Also, keep his wife Carmela and their young son in your prayers.  Thank you for praying for this family.

Prayer Request for Elaine

Elaine is in the hospital receiving kidney dialysis. Her immune system has diminished to the point now so she has to receive this medical treatment to do what her kidneys can no longer do. Please pray for her to be healed well enough to be on her own and...

Prayer Request for Christy Simmons

Please be praying for our nephew's wife. Her name is Christy Simmons. She was rushed to the hospital last night with severe pain. They just found out that she has sepsis, but they don't know why. Pray they will find out quickly what is wrong. She is a Christian but...

Prayer Request for Lauree

Lauree has a mass on her kidney, which may be malignant.  She is scheduled for surgery Jan 15. She will know for sure then. Please pray that she will come back close to the Lord again, too!

Prayer Request for Rosie

Please pray for Rosie's healing.  He has been in ICU for a month following an accident.  Also for strength, peace, and comfort for his wife and family.

Prayer Request for Trey

Trey is In Hospital with possible Kidney failure and he is only 30 years old— please pray the doctors can figure out what is causing failing as it also affects his eyes and ears.  Please pray for his salvation as well.  Thank you!

Prayer Request for Ellen

Please be praying for Ellen.  She attends a Calvary in New Mexico but was transported to Barrows in Phoenix due to a brain aneurysm and stroke. She is in critical condition. Pastor Dan spent some time with her son Timmy and daughter Carolyn yesterday -...

Prayer Request for Lance Carsten

Lance is having surgery Friday morning to remove bone spurs. He will do one foot this week and then the other foot two weeks later. Pray for Annie as she helps Lance in his recovery time also.

Prayer Request for Bob Emerson

Bob is going to have back surgery on Thursday, October 25th at 11:00. They are going to be doing quite an extensive surgery to take care of several problem areas and his recovery will be rather long after the surgery. Please lift up Annette as well since...

Prayer Request for Sharon Reagan

Sharon has been fighting things her entire life.  Hodgkin's at 17...breast cancer...heart attack..she needs a heart transplant as well. She just had her last breast removed and was at home and was found on the floor suffering from a stroke. She can not...

Prayer Request for Stella

Please be praying for Cathy Meehan, Mom, Stella.  Stella has cancer for the third time in her brain.  She has been living alone but will no longer be able to do that now. Please pray, the family is able to find an assisted living for her and that she will...

Prayer Request for Lea Scearce

Please be praying for Lea, she has been diagnosed with neuroendocrine carcinoma and will be having an extensive surgery tomorrow.  The cancer she has is very rare but she is praising God that she has the foremost surgeon oncologist for her type of cancer...

Prayer Request for Jessica

Urgent prayer request for Jessica. She is the daughter of Terry that we put on the prayer chain on August 17. She and her boyfriend were in a really bad accident today. She has many broken bones and internal bleeding. She also has diabetes. Pray for God's...

Prayer Request for Terri and her daughters

Terri would like prayer for two of her daughters who are addicted to opioids. One daughter is diabetic and she has been in the hospital with overdoses and with diabetic problems. She is with a guy who is a drug dealer and is not a nice guy. She just had...

Prayer Update on Michael Mullen

Margo and Patty went to see Michael Mullen yesterday. He looked pretty well but he is very sick. He has liver, kidney, and heart issues! He was in good spirits though and said he knew he was probably not going to live very much longer but he was not afraid...

Urgent Prayer Request for Jared

A young man named, Jared was hit by a car and had serious injuries. Surgery for a broken femur was done today. He also has broken ribs. They are now suspecting infection and he’s in ICU. He has a history of mental illness as well and had run away to Texas...

Prayer Request for Pam Gosnell’s Mom

Pam Gosnell's Mom was admitted to Boswell Hospital on August 1. She has diverticulitis and is a lot of pain. She still looks so pale and isn't getting well very quickly. She is 83 years old. Please pray for her husband too. He is very concerned about...

Prayer Request for: Gibson

Please be in prayer for the healing of a 3-year-old boy named, Gibson in Columbus, OH.  He has been in the hospital for nearly a week and he is not doing very well.  He shows signs of improvement and then he declines.  His blood pressure is going up and...

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