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A. W. Tozer said:

Private prayer should be practiced by every Christian. Long periods of Bible meditation will purify our gaze and direct it; church attendance will enlarge our outlook and increase our love for others. Service and work and activity; all are good and should be engaged in by every Christian. But at the bottom of all these things, giving meaning to them, will be the inward habit of beholding God. A new set of eyes (so to speak) will develop within us enabling us to be looking at God while our outward eyes are seeing the scenes of this passing world. (Pursuit of God – Chapter 7 – The Gaze of The Soul)

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Prayer Request for Larry Ortiz

Larry is in the hospital with the COVID virus. He is not doing well. He has heart problems and diabetes. And also his wife Francis is not feeling well now either but she is still at home. Their son Roger is home taking care of Francis. Please be praying for their...

Prayer Request for JR

Jr's tests came back abnormal so the doctor is going to proceed with the 3 biopsies and colonoscopy. Please pray for every detail to be in God's hands.

Prayer Request for JR

Sue Brito has asked for prayer for JR. JR has been suffering for about 9 months with something that we couldn't figure out. We finally got a clearer course for an answer this last week. Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is what the specialist is pointing towards. To...

Prayer Request for Marty Callan

Marty is in the hospital with Covid-19. He has been in the hospital was not responding to treatment. He has been moved to the ICU and is being put on a ventilator. Please pray for him, his wife (Lea), and his entire family. Thank you.

Pray Request for the Tom Pena Family & Friends

Tom, passed away from COVID 19, yesterday. A year ago he got quite sick with pneumonia and valley fever and he just wasn't well enough to fight this virus. He was a Christian and his wife's name is Gracie. Please be in prayer for her and his whole family. This was...

Prayer Request for Roman, Chris and Hannah

Roman's nurse Leslie is having surgery and it is not certain she will be coming back to take care of him. So, Roman needs a new nurse to pick up where Leslie left off and it takes someone special to work with him and all his needs. Please pray that the Lord will...

Prayer request for Linda

Brandon Rose's grandma, Linda, is in ICU with serious clots in her lungs and trouble breathing. She tested negative for COVID but because of everything going on no one is allowed in the hospital to see her or be with her.  Thank you for praying for her and the family.

Prayer request for Ted Cooper

Ted is a friend of Steve & Julie Dorsey. He was diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus. He was admitted to the hospital on Saturday and was put on a ventilator on Sunday. He has heart disease and diabetes so please be praying for him.  Ted is a 58-year-old and is a...

Prayer Request for Auntie Marge

Please pray for Tammi Szenyes Auntie Marge.  She had a stroke, they think pressure from a fall 2 months again. They drilled a hole in her brain to relieve pressure. It's a brain bleed-but it was old blood. Tammi talked with her on the phone and she knew who she was. ...

Prayer Request for Cory and Carolyn Melcherick

Carolyn just found out that she has liver cancer. They said it's not too far along yet. So please pray that the doctor will have wisdom about her treatment plan. They just lost their 20-year-old daughter around Christmas time last year. So this is extremely hard for...

Urgent Prayer Request for Andy Martin

Andy, went to the hospital this afternoon and found out that he has one blood clot in one lung and three masses in two lungs. They are doing emergency surgery right now. They are putting in a vena cava filter so the blood clot won't go to his heart or brain. Thank you...

Prayer Request for Walter and Annette

Walter was recently diagnosed with lung cancer needs to have surgery.  Annette, his wife, is not taking good care of herself.  The entire family could use prayer.  Walter is Ric (Alicia) Wendel's step-father and Annette is his mother.  Thank you for lifting them up in...

Prayer Request for Sue Brito Neighbors

Sue Brito neighbor's 18-year-old son and his best friend were just in a motorcycle accident literally 1/2 block away from our homes. One boy died in the street the son is in critical condition. They haven't come for the boy's body yet and the families are all being...

Prayer Request for Danny & Christy

Please pray Danny and his wife Christy. Chrisy takes care of her mother and father (Gilbert and Lilly). They came down with the coronavirus a few weeks ago and are doing good now. They think the worst part is over now. So please pray for continued healing for them and...

Prayer Request for Nick

Nick is a prison guard in Michigan, there are cases of the virus in the prison. One officer is on a ventilator. Please pray for all of those in prison (inmates & employees), guards, and their families.  Thank you!

Prayer Request for Marie Ray

Please pray for Marie she has been in the hospital since Monday, March 23. She is retaining too much fluid in her legs. She has heart issues and COPD.  Thank you for praying for her.

Prayer Request for Danelle Garcia

Danelle has swelling on her brain and is being transferred to Mayo, this evening.  The swelling is causing headaches and numbness in her arm.  Thank you for praying for her.

Prayer Request for Jordan.

Jordan was just rushed to the hospital. He was not breathing. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors to know what to do.  Please pray for the Yassie family.

Prayer Request for Connie

Please pray for Connie (Erlinda Balderama's sister).  She was at a doctor's appointment, today, at Mayo Clinic and her blood pressure was extremely elevated, so they walked her over to the ER.  She is being evaluated.  Please pray for wisdom that doctors can find the...

Prayer Request for Eric Balderrama’s Family

Eric's cousin Jimmy was rushed to the hospital with extremely low blood pressure and acute kidney failure and pneumonia. Please pray the doctors will have the wisdom to know how to treat him. Eric is not doing really well right now. He thinks he isn't taking his...

Prayer Request for Cole

Cole, who is 8 years old, was just diagnosed with leukemia. His parents, Dave and Debbie are not Christians. They start chemo in his spine today. Please pray for this little lamb.  Thank you so much!

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