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Rhea Stevens at Calvary Chapel CentralDirector: Rhea Stevens

A. W. Tozer said:

Private prayer should be practiced by every Christian. Long periods of Bible meditation will purify our gaze and direct it; church attendance will enlarge our outlook and increase our love for others. Service and work and activity; all are good and should be engaged in by every Christian. But at the bottom of all these things, giving meaning to them, will be the inward habit of beholding God. A new set of eyes (so to speak) will develop within us enabling us to be looking at God while our outward eyes are seeing the scenes of this passing world. (Pursuit of God – Chapter 7 – The Gaze of The Soul)

Your request will be received immediately and will become a part of our Prayer Chain.  If you would like your request to be posted on our Prayer Forum – make sure you give us permission in the form below. Your email address will not be posted!


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Prayer Request for Cheryl Lindsday

Cheryl is having major back surgery May 9th. She fell last October and has been having pain since then. She is having the surgery at Good Samaritan Hospital. The surgery will last 5-6 hours. Thank you for praying.

Prayer Request for Soi Chi

Julie Dorsey wants us to be praying for her 91 year old uncle, Soi Chi from Hawaii. He is in the hospital with a cyst on his liver the size of a baseball. They are draining the fluid out right now. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and for healing! Thank you so much!

Prayer Request for Jeff Sprague

Barbara Pinnick's son, Jeff,  is having surgery on Thursday at 11:30. He has a mass on his back. They said it was a benign mass but it is growing and his doctor is concerned about it. He wants it out right away so they can test it. Pray that it's not cancer. Also...

Prayer Request for Ernie

Eric Balderrama's Dad, Ernie is in the ER right now but they are admitting him because he was bit by a spider last week and the bite got worse so. He had a bad reaction and it is infected. Pray for wisdom for the doctors to know how to treat him.

Prayer Requests for Miles

Please pray for the salvation of my dad(Robert Lindsay), my uncle (Joe), and Aileen.  Pray either myself or someone would share the gospel and they would come to Christ willingly.  Pray for my marriage to be blessed with the love of Christ always and for my wife's...

Prayer Request for Barbara Pinnick son Jeff

Jeff, as you might remember, had a biopsy test on his shoulder which came back negative for cancer but his doctor wants to do more testing. Please pray for wisdom for the doctor to do all the right tests to show if there is any more cancer.  Also pray that this health...

Prayer Request for Ron Buck

Ron Buck's computer died recently and he needs another one. He had a Mac Book Pro and he needs one like that if possible because he backed up all his information on that computer. He doesn't have the finances to buy another one. Please pray that he might find a way to...

Prayer Request for Jess

Jess is having heart and breathing problems and  skin issues. It all seems to be hitting Jess at once. Jess would like prayer for healing, and that the Lord would work in Jess' life.

Prayer Request for Pearl

Please be praying for a young woman named Pearl. She has been coming to church with her two young children.  She got saved the first Sunday that she visited. Her three year old daughter died a short time ago and she is still grieving a lot and is struggling with anger...

Prayer Request for Craig and Teresa

Please be in prayer for Rhea Steven's niece's friend's husband who was just rushed to the hospital with pains and indigestion and lost consciousness when they got him to the hospital. They live in Utah.  Their names are Craig and Teresa.  Thank you so much.

Prayer Request for David Bonsell Jr

David Bonsell Jr and his wife run an orphanage in Mexico. They are missionaries and so is his Dad. David is very sick.He has no feeling in his legs. He is being treated by a doctor in Mexico. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and pray for his wife and family.

Prayer Request for Jeff, Barbara Pinnick’s son

Jeff had a malignant melanoma on his shoulder two years ago and a soft tissue mass has grown back in the same place. He went to the emergency room a few days ago and got an ultrasound done. He is waiting for insurance to find out what they will do. Please pray that he...

Prayer Request for Sylvia and family

Enrique would like for us to pray for his ex-wife Sylvia, her husband Robert and his three children, Ashley, Caresse, and Benjamin. They all need the Lord. Enrique has been praying for salvation for many years for them. Sylvia just found out that she has cancer....

Prayer Request for Jane

This prayer request and update is for Marie Ray's friend Jane. She has diabetes and had to have her foot and leg amputated to the knee. Her stump was healing well then it got infected again recently with MRSA and another infection. She is very discouraged. Also, she...

Prayer Request for Kendall

Please be praying for Kendall, Cindy Ahart's son who is still on drugs is out of rehab now. Pray that he will return to the Lord and for protection. Thank you for continued prayers.

Prayer Request for Lucy

Dianna Esh's neighbor, Lucy, was diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday during a routine exam. This will be the second time she has had to deal with this.  Please be praying for Lucy.

Prayer Request for Lupe

Eric Balderrama's cousin Bobby's wife - Lupe - is having surgery on Wednesday morning at 8:00 on her discs in her upper spine. They have to go in through her neck (in the front) and the surgery will last from 5-8 hours. They are so grateful for your prayers.

Prayer Request for Margo Morquecho

Margo is having trouble with her eyes and her heart again. They are giving her special medications for a month or so to see if they help her.  If they don't help then she may have to have another ablation on her heart. They are checking her eyes for eye diseases and...

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