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Prayer Request for Greg & Elexis

Josee Rubio has asked for prayer for her son-in-law, Greg, and daughter Elexis.  Greg has a mass behind his ear which is malignant. Please pray they will schedule the surgery to remove it soon. They won't know if cancer has spread until they do the surgery.  Elexis...

Prayer Request for Dorci Harris

Dorci is in the hospital because she had a mild stroke.  The MRI she had revealed that she did indeed have a stroke.  The hospital is keeping her for the next 24 - 48 hours to control her B/P and watch to see how she does.  Please pray for her healing and that she...

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Ministries at Calvary Central

We have many ministries at Calvary Central and they are constantly changing.  Please call the office (602) 336-4555 for more information.