Revelation 09:01-12 – Hell On Earth – Part 1 – Pastor John W. Brown

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Description: By nature, we as human beings have an incredible gift for not dealing with things. When confronted with our sins we often “project” the blame elsewhere. True repentance involves acknowledging our sin for what it is, rebellion against God. In spite of all that has happened on the earth, during this tribulation period in the book of Revelation the “earth dwellers” are still rebellious toward the Lord. Their hearts are still hard and they refuse to repent and admit their sins.



Tonight’s Teaching – “I AM PERSUADED” – Isaiah 54-57

bibleWe pray that you can come and join us tonight at 7:00 PM for our dicussion of Isaiah 54-57.

Much like the entire book of the Bible, Isaiah has 66 chapters, separated into the Law and the story of redemption.  We are in the redemption section of the book of Isaiah!

If you have been feeling unloved, unforgiven or just down-right guilty – this study is for you.

iPad Class Date Change!

iPadPastor John’s “Getting The Most Out of Your iPad – (using your iPad for Bible Study)” class has been moved from July 12th to July 26th – to better accommodate those attending.  Please make note.  It is on a Saturday morning from 9:00-noon.

If you do not attend Calvary Central but would like to attend, please feel free.  Just RSVP to so we will know how many are coming to the class.

Revelation 08 – The Seventh Seal – Pastor John W. Brown

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Description: Revelation Chapter 8 is an answer to the prayers of the saints mentioned in Chapter 6 as well as the saints of every generation. It is an answer to the prayers for the Lord to “make things right” and to judge the enemies of the Lord. The death and destruction which is about to be sent upon earth is so staggering that even the inhabitants of heaven are taken with silence.