Prayer for Arrieta’s

prayer_requestsPlease be praying for Jennifer Arrieta.  She went to see the doctor today and had an ultra sound done and they discovered that the amniotic fluid has leaked and unless the Lord does a miracle and allows the body to heal where it is leaking (because the body can regenerate it), they only give the little one a 5% chance of survival.
 She has a great doctor and he is giving her time to see what her body does.  So far the baby’s heart beat is strong and doing well.  We’re asking God for a miracle.
Please pray that the Lord provides all that Jennifer, Ruben and Gabriel needs to get through this.

Jennifer Arrieta Update

prayer_requestsJennifer is at home now and resting.  The baby is fine as well, but Jennifer is to be on bed rest for a week or even two possibly.  I know they would appreciate your continued prayers.  Thank you all for praying.  We have such an awesome church family, and an amazing God.

Crosstalk Radio – now on Twitter!

crosstalk_white_backgroundFor those that are interested in knowing what is currently playing on CrossTalk Radio, you can now check that out on Twitter. Our twitter account will automatically update every 5 minutes to keep you updated. You might not want to have tweets coming in on your phone every 5 minutes, but it is great but it is great if you are waiting for the next music or teaching rotation.

Out Twitter account is #CrossTalkRadio1

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John 14:12-20 – Are You In or Out? – Pastor Dan Esh

YouTube Preview Image
Description: When Jesus shared with his disciples that he was leaving and that where he was going they could not follow we can imagine that they were overwhelmed with a feeling of inadequacy. How would they be able to carry on the wonderful works of Christ without him? But, as we see in chapter 14, Jesus promises them that they will not be left alone.