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Giving at Calvary Chapel Central

The giving of our tithes and offerings is one of the most basic disciplines of the Christian faith. Many of the people who call Calvary Chapel Central their “home church” support it faithfully week in and week out. This is how we are able to fund the internal infrastructure of the local fellowship and the external contributions we make to the many works which are going on outside of our walls.

If you would like to know more about what the Bible has to say about the tithe – Pastor John has done several teachings on the subject over the years. You can click here and search for “stewardship” or  “tithe“.


There are several ways in which we are able to receive your faithful support.

On site: We receive tithes and offerings each week and as you exit our sanctuary, there are offering boxes located next to both exits.

By mail: You can simply send in your tithe or offering to Calvary Chapel Central – 2831 W. Glendale – Phx., AZ 85051

Automatic Bill Pay: Most banks enable you to set up a scheduled bill payment from their web-site. This is an easy and convenient way to set aside your contribution for many months in advance. Once you’ve set up the schedule, the bank does all the work. Please remember to have the church mailing address handy when you set it up.


Contribute Online: Many people like the convenience of using the internet. Calvary Central is using Swipe Away Poverty to process online tithes and offerings. Swipe Away Poverty is quick, easy and secure.  If you are not familiar with making payments online, don’t worry. This method is extremely safe and secure.Give @ Calvary Chapel Central

Donate to Calvary Central


You can also still give through Paypal if you prefer:


We also use GYVE: “Gyve is not just another payment processing app; it is a generosity system. We believe everyone is at a different place in their generosity journey, and it is our mission to help guide people as they take their next steps in giving.”  To put it simply: Gyve is for those who have not yet committed themselves to a regular tithe.  It allows you to “round up” your purchases and that “round up” amount goes to Calvary Central.  It may seem small but it adds up and is a great blessing to us.  It is available for Apple and Android devices.


Calvary Chapel Central Gyve
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