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2OTPastor John W. BrownCreationGenesis01:01-19In The Beginning God CreatedS0648Description to be given later.
3OTPastor John W. BrownGenesis01:20-31The Creation Of ManS0649
4OTPastor John W. BrownGenesis02It Is Not Good For Man To Be AloneS0650
5OTPastor John W. BrownGenesis03The Death Of Adam And EveS0651
6OTPastor John W. BrownGenesis04The First MurderS0652
7OTPastor John W. BrownGenesis05-06:9Christmas In GenesisS0653
8OTPastor John W. BrownGenesis06:10-22Ark Of SalvationS0654
9OTPastor John W. BrownGenesis07But God Remembered NoahS0655
10OTPastor John W. BrownGenesis08One If By Land - Two If By SeaS0656
35OTPastor John W. BrownMosesExodus02The Saving of the savior of HebrewsW0515Baby Moses is placed in a basket and sent down the Nile to avoid death. Pharoah's daughter finds and adopts him and he is raised as an Egyptian.
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