Cynthia Bennet at Calvary CentralDirector: Cynthia Bennett

God has blessed you with a new child and we want to walk along with you and help you raise your child up in the Lord.

We want to serve you by enabling you to participate in the main sanctuary to learn the ways of the Lord.  Through these teachings we both can hold the hands of your little ones and show them the love of Jesus.  We want to show your child that God loves them through nurturing, singing to them, cradling them, talking to them, feeding them, letting them learn to play with others their own age.  We want them to know that God loves the little children and that they are precious in His sight.

Scripture tells even us adults that we should be as small children: innocent of the ways of the world, and to love Him with all your hearts.  We, the nursery workers, want to help prepare your child for the Children’s ministry and help disciple them in the ways of the Lord.  Each child is different from the other with gifts that only they have and we want them to learn to use them to edify the Lord. Each of you, as parents, have these same gifts.  The more of you that are willing to serve, will only ensure the quality of our ministry and the joy of the Lord as He ministers to each one of us through these children.

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