Prayer Request for Cindy Ahart

Cindy was admitted to the hospital yesterday with pneumonia.  She is pretty miserable.  They also see a mass with inflammation.  It could be Valley Fever or Neoplasm 80/20.  She is having a biopsy on Monday to rule them out.  Please pray for her and for wisdom for...

Prayer Request for Ashley

Please pray for Robin Stigleman's daughter Ashley. Ashley has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  Ashley and her family need our prayers.

Prayer Request for Annette Emerson

Annette is away from home and away from her regular doctors and she is having white flashes around her left eye.  Please pray that she can find a good ophthalmologist in her area. Praise update: The local Instacare office got Annette in contact with a local eye...

Prayer Request for Jerry Esh

Please pray for Jerry, he will have a defibrillator put in this Wednesday, July 5th.  He is nervous about having the done.  Thank you for your prayers. Update:  Jerry came through his surgery well.  Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Request for 11-month-old Ayana

Ayana is very sick.  Her parents found out last night that she has Covid and Meningitis. She was having seizures as well.  Thank you for praying for this very sick baby and her family.

Prayer Request for Young Boy with Heart Issues

Please pray for a young boy who has heart issues.  His heart is only functioning at 66% due to his sternum pressing into his heart flattening the right side of his heart. He also has abnormal flow and also airway obstruction due to his ribs pressing on his lungs.  The...

Prayer Request for Joe Minisquero

Joe has had a cough for a couple of weeks and he finally went in and they found a nodule in his lungs on one of the scans. He’ll have further testing but he’s obviously a little concerned.Thank you for your prayers.